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Painting skills continue to evolve tremendously with undue learning over the years. A variety of palettes that comprise of rectangular and oval shapes, wooden or glass material or sometimes even the throwaway white paper palettes can be utilized according to the individual requirements. The glass palettes are my personal pick owing to its transparent look, smooth features and comfort of cleaning. During the initial painting sessions, make use of a white and a gray board. You can utilize the whiteboard while working on a white ground and the gray board for a toned surface to enhance the painting attributes.

Initial mixing of colors can begin with the rectangular palette and as the painting session begins you can opt for an oval palette. An oval palette allows you to paint at varied angles. My experiments on painting also continue with different pigments. I work on varied colors to choose the best one. It is ideal to analyze the drying properties of the colors to enable painting in layers. Opting for fast drying colors at the beginning of the painting session avoids smudging. Slower drying colors are best suited for the final layers. Colors can be chosen based on the choice of palettes.

A figure palette can be arranged with colors from the right to left direction as depicted in a color wheel sequence. A figure palette offers both a warm as well as a cool pair for each of the shade chosen. As I always associate with white closely, I place the white shade on the extreme right that is close to the canvas. This placement option enables a quick access to the shade of your choice. Move on further to position Naples yellow, mars yellow and sienna below the white shade. This kind of an arrangement ideally complements to paint varied skin tones.

For a landscape palette, position white in the center of the palette and pair them with both warm and cool as well as light and dark combinations. In the case of a landscape palette, you can opt for both blue and green shades. It is ideal to position these shades on the right. The other pigments are arranged based on the color wheel sequence but to the left of the white shade. This kind of an arrangement enables easy mixing of sky colors as well as keeps them upbeat and cheerful. As you proceed to paint on the canvas, make sure to ensure a vibrant result.

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