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Drawing people and their faces is a fascination that begins from as early as childhood. Sketching the human face and the human outline have been an important artwork across the generations. It can be compared to creating your own selfie all by yourself. To master the skills of drawing human faces, begin on simple planes. While sketching the head, streamline the structure by removing details. Break down the number of shapes into a standard plane. Continue to add more dimensions, once you become familiar with the basic pattern of drawing a head. Always make use of simple proportions while sketching.

Each face has a different head, but making use of simple proportions offers you a strong foundation on drawing skills. Position the eyes slightly ahead than the middle area while arriving from the top of the head. Give an eye’s width between the two eyes. Position the bottom of the nose in such a way that it remains a median between the eyebrows and chin. Sketch the ears at a horizontal line from the eyebrows to the nose. Finally, draw the mouth below the nose and two-thirds above the chin. Make sure that if your sketch has the ear located on the central line.

Begin sketching by comprehending the skeletal framework as it provides an immense influence on the features of the human form. Look into several ideas from renowned sketchbooks and customize your own style. The fundamental outline of a human form and a human face provides the foremost commonalities which can then be customized based on individual preferences. As a beginner, interpret the human form and the face in terms of geometric shapes. This allows you to sketch a convincing diagram. Begin with a rough sketching of the human face and then continue to add dimensions and details to enhance the overall soul of the sketch.