PayPal Rolls Dice on Judi Slot Online Gambling

PayPal’s not just for buying Pez dispensers on eBay any more. The popular Internet payment service is quickly becoming the currency of choice at many online casinos.

Nearly 500 gambling sites signed up to accept PayPal in the first quarter this year, almost doubling the company’s roster of such merchants, which stood at 1,022 as of March 31, according to PayPal.

Unfortunately for PayPal, its booming online gambling business may be illegal in the United States.

“If you help to facilitate or promote gambling, you could be found guilty of breaking the law. We’re trying to get the message out to intermediaries that there’s real liability there,” said Ken Dreifach, head of the Internet bureau at New York State’s office of the attorney general. New York estimates that offshore online gambling sites soak Americans for $4 billion annually.

While efforts to pass federal laws specifically prohibiting online gambling have stalled, New York’s saber rattling impressed Citibank. The nation’s biggest credit card issuer announced earlier this month that it has agreed to ban the use of its credit cards for Internet gaming. In doing so, Citibank belatedly joined Bank of America, Fleet, MBNA, Chase Manhattan and several other major banks that have established policies forbidding their credit card holders from placing online bets.

Now, in their quest to protect citizens from the “pernicious” effects of online gambling, New York and other state and federal regulators are also turning their attention to non-bank financial services such as PayPal, according to Dreifach.

PayPal officials declined comment on the company’s role in online gambling, citing a mandated quiet period in the run-up to its impending secondary stock offering. But documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that PayPal is well aware of the dangers of servicing gaming sites, which it terms “higher risk” accounts.

PayPal’s latest IPO filing acknowledges that its business with online casinos could be jeopardized by their “uncertain” legal status, and could expose it to “civil and criminal lawsuits, administrative action, and prosecution for, among other things, money laundering or for aiding and abetting violations of law.”

In exchange …


Slot machines: have fun and win Togel Hongkong!



There is a well-known truth – slot machines are one of the biggest sources of casino annual income.


That is why slot machines are so important for every casino. Both beginners and experiences players enjoy the exciting game. It’s really hard to give up gambling Slots because the game draws you in another world. This game has gained that huge popularity because it does not require specific skills and knowledge.


In order to win at Slot machines you don’t need to apply any tricky strategy. All you have to do is pull the handle. Your winnings basically depend on luck. There are lots of stories telling how some lucky men made millions with only a few coins thrown into a slot machine.


There are excellent slot machines in casinos of Las Vegas. Almost every Las Vegas casino has different types of Slot machines. But you can gamble online and achieve more success instead of going to Las Vegas.


As mentioned above, Slot machines entirely depend on luck. But you should have at least some idea of the rules before you get started. Online Slot machines are good for you to get acquainted with the basics. Online gaming is not limited – play as much as you like, your money won’t be lost. There are various guides on how to play Slot machines online.


Gold tips for Togel Hongkong gambling at Slots


online slots It’s said that slot machines considered the biggest part of a casino income since most players, especially beginners, first head for slot machines to get into the atmosphere and feel more confident.


If you’ve chosen slots to gamble at you should know the initial rules of this game. Let’s start with the payout. Those slot machines with a lower minimum (25-cent machines) can be used for more plays for the same money. Moreover, find out slot machines with a higher payout percentage.


There are a great many myths that are spread among slot machine players. Onу of the most popular is that a slot machine once having …


How To Play Casino Poker and Bandarq In 5 Points



There is one thing to remember when playing casino poker. No matter your experience level, everyone needs help sometimes. There are five main rules that can be followed to improve the game of all players, regardless of how well they play.


The first rule when playing casino poker is to have fun. There are many different sites that offer different types of games, and it’s often daunting for a beginner to join an online poker room where everyone seems more experienced.


Showing other players that you are new to the game can sometimes help in giving you a better advantage. If a person sees an inexperienced player, some will tend to be lenient towards you. This is the key to having fun, and of course winning the money.


Even if you do know how to play the game, it might also be beneficial to act as though you don’t so that players will help you where they can, thus enabling you to take control of the situation.


In truth however, most Bandarq players are only looking at what they are doing, and will tend to ignore any others that are in the room. Therefore, there is no need to concentrate on any other player during a game other than your own hand. This way, the game will run smoothly, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fun.


The second rule to follow when playing Casino poker is to pay attention to the turns in the game. While not specifically concentrating intently on other players, it is wise to take care of how your game is played. Following small rules is beneficial to the playing of the game, as it is often difficult to forget when it is your turn, or when to make a bet, or play the cards. Simply paying attention to the way the other people are playing can help improve your timing immensely. It has been noted that in a group of players, people taking too long to place a bet can irritate some of them.


Similarly, people taking their …


You carefully skin care to remove acne

Acne, led to the problems, skin problems has always been one of the most distressing things that they want to have to beauty skin, it is necessary to understand the real cause of the problem, the right to maintenance, so your skin can be more better.

To determine their own skin, often in their own care as part of the base, but basically we are all mixed skin, just so that the people of sebum secretion, he preferred to see oil or dry. In order to have healthy, beautiful skin, and then check their own skin, the skin to find out where the problem lies.


It is easy to face a part of the oil, the coarse pores, the accumulation of sebum easy, and the formation of acne, the only way to do a good job washing your face with skin care, make-up convergence with tap water in the face, could face capillary For the time being to narrow hole.


It is easy to the forehead of the oil T site of the word, if there is hair before forehead, then appears to be more airtight, which is a breeding ground for the formation of acne.


The dry part of difficult grow acne, a special supplement here for oil, but the president of the Doudou. To moisture, please choose oil-free products.

Winter also need to maintain the skin not have melasma

Cold and dry winter season, easily the human body is weak, cold, of course, the biggest headache, dry skin. Now, as long as a little conditioning, you can have a dream of the smooth skin. You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here

In general, the need for some type of skin whitening is divided into four, you can find your skin problems, and then selected for their whitening products and the continued patience will be able to see the use of more than quarter results.

The first: melasma skin

The site of melasma melanoma cells more horny process is not complete, easy to accumulation of melanin, the skin …


Kent Lundmark Wins keluar sgp Barcelona Main Event

The poker world has been abuzz with news of online tournaments over the recent weeks, but live poker is by no means dead either, with major tournaments still being held all around the world. Spain’s second largest city of Barcelona was abuzz with exactly that as the keluar sgp European Poker Tour stopped there, giving locals a chance to try their hand against the best in the world. The Main Event wrapped up at the end of November, and sitting alone at the final table was Kent Lundmark. Lundmark took home €825,000 for his win.
The PokerStars sponsored European Poker Tour consists of a number of different “stops” in beautiful cities around Europe. At each stop there are a number of tournaments, culminating in a main event, which are played out, filmed, and later shown on television. The EPT first kicked off in 2004 and has experienced great success both as poker tournaments and a television broadcast. This stop in Barcelona took place in the middle of the seventh season.

The tournament was held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, at the Casino Barcelona Annex at the Arts Hotel. While the cap of one thousand was not met, there was still a very healthy turnout with 758 entrants registering for the event, which had a buy-in of €5000 + 300. The tournament kicked off on the 22nd of November and ran through until the 27th, including both a Day 1A and a Day 1b, as has become traditional for the Main Events of these stops.

The eventual winner was a man by the name of Kent Lundmark. The Swedish pro feels very at home at the tournament poker table, with many cashes in live tournament events, including a second place finish in the Nordic Masters of Poker tournament in Stockholm earlier this year. That said, this win is easily his biggest live poker achievement, and the money he received for the first place finish makes up the large majority of his career winnings. The 22 year-old is the sixth Swedish player to hold an EPT title. We can be very …


The Bingo World Championship 2007

The Bingo World Championship 2007 event took place on 15 th April, 2007. Sponsored for the 6th consecutive year by togel Entertainment NV, this is one of the most highly anticipated events in online bingo. Only matched by the Bingo Cruise annual event, of which Bingo Entertainment are platinum sponsors.

At 8pm EST, 120 players from all areas of the world, who had won qualifying heats on the Bingo Entertainment sites, gathered for this great event. CM Michelle was kept busy in chat with the players, answering any questions they had, and scattering lucky dust. There was a flurry of gl’s sent over chat (gl means good luck), as the major event of the year got under way.

Consisting of 23 bingo games, all 120 players would participate in each game, there would be no eliminations. The first 10 games had a prize of $100, and the winner would be the first to get any straight line. The next 5 games had a prize of $200, again for any straight line.

Then it was time for players favourite, the blackout! 4 games for $300, then it goes up to $400 for the next two games. The penultimate game had a prize of $1000, and then the grand final held a prize of $5000.

So how did the players fare? Game one for $100 was won by Trudy_bm. The next 4 games saw players Hogge, Mini36, Laluna_mq, and Nazanin, each take $100 prize. Reba2706 and Cilla_pr hit a straight line on the very same number in game 6, so the prize is split. The chat was still buzzing, and there was an endless stream of wtg’s whizzing up the chat screen (wtg means way to go), and more lucky dust from CM Michelle.

Game 7 went to Celebrian, but then in game 8 players Eje428 and bubies got a straight line on the same number, another shared prize, but there are no bad feelings in this game, everyone is friendly and happy for other’s wins.

Games 9 to 15 were won by bingodilla, jewel2_bm, hogge, ornurse_bm, blaze_ms, bibber_em, and prubrat.

By …


Learn Proper togel hongkong hari ini Strategy

Using correct togel hongkong hari ini strategy is essential in today’s blackjack games to minimize the house edge (the % chance the house will win) and increase your chances of becoming a long term winner at blackjack. Basic blackjack strategy is the most common method that players should use to ensure that they are playing the game in the correct manner which will give them the best odds to win. The principles of basic blackjack strategy are a guide as to what decision the player should make based on the rules of blackjack along with other variables such as what the dealer has and the type of blackjack game being played. Below is a simple reference chart for regular blackjack which shows how a player should react to different hand combinations based on what the dealer has. For a more detailed chart, please see our blackjack basic strategy chart section.

In addition to using basic blackjack strategy, there are other more non-traditional variables that some players use to help them improve their strategy at the blackjack table. Some of these factors include:

Table Selection:

Table selection is an important decision both on and offline when you are thinking of playing a blackjack table with more than one player. There are a number of variables that you must consider to ensure that your odds are not compromised while playing at this table.

Game Selection:
Another aspect that can be an important factor in determining your profits at the table is the type of game you select. With many variations of blackjack, you need to be sure you are getting the best odds for your bets at the table.

Blackjack Betting Strategy:
Blackjack betting strategy is a more controversial part of the game of blackjack with many varying theories on how and when to bet certain amounts while playing blackjack. This section discusses some of the popular methods for betting in blackjack and what has traditional worked and not worked for some of the most successful blackjack players online.

Blackjack Bankroll Management:
As with poker, managing your blackjack money is a vital …


The High Stakes Rail – 1/17/10-1/23/10

Cole South and Ziigmund won some huge pots last week. All pots were played on Full crypto gambling $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables. Unlike most of the high-stakes pots we are accustomed to seeing, most these pots were not played heads-up. A number of various players were involved in last week’s high-stakes pots.

In last week’s biggest pot, Cole South was seated under-the-gun with $421,764.50 and Ziigmund was seated to his left with $284,592 in a five-handed pot. Cole South raised to $1,800 with Th8d7h6d and was three-bet to $6,800 with Ziigmund’s AcAsKs7d. Richard Ashby called the three-bet from the button. LarsLuzak took this opportunity to shove his $24,998 into the pot with AdKh6h5d. The big blind folded and South called. Ziigmund reraised the action to $107,892. Oddly, Cole South flatted the bet out of position and saw the 2h5cTs give him top-pair. However, he was behind Ziigmund’s overpair. South put Ziigmund all-in and Ziigmund called. Unfortunately for Ziigmund, the 8c turn and 8s river hit South squarely in the face. South caught a full house by the river and took the $601,382 pot. What a bad beat!

Ziigmund and South continued to go at it in a three-handed pot where Ziigmund raised to $2,400 from the button with AhKs9h4d and was three-bet to $8,100 by South’s JhTs9c6h. The big blind folded and Ziigmund called in position. South lead the 9dAs7h flop (that gave him a pair plus a gutshot straight draw) with a $13,800 bet. Ziigmund called with top-pair, top-kicker and saw the Kh turn give him two-pair. South lead with a pot-sized bet but Ziigmund shoved his $124,035 stack this time. South called hoping for any eight to complete his straight. However, the river came out a seven of clubs and Ziigmund took the $292,470 pot.

In a heads-up pot between South and Ziigmund, South raised to $1,800 with KhQsJh9s and the button. Ziigmund three-bet to $5,400 with AcKcQcTh and was four-bet to $16,200. Ziigmund reraised to $48,600 and South called in position. The Jd8d3h flop gave Ziigmund a gutshot straight draw plus three overcards and gave South top-pair. …


Review of Sharp Sports Betting

Stanford Wong is rightfully regarded as one of the most well-respected gambling authors. While he is most noted for his books about beating the game of blackjack, he has also written books on Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker, Casino Tournaments, and other topics. In his first new book for Pi Yee press since 1993, Wong examines the mathematics of advantage sports betting.

The book begins with the basics, explaining the terminology of sports betting and how to interpret the numbers on the walls and screens in a sports book. Wong follows this with a discussion of money management, some information and advice about betting sports on the Internet, and a discussion of mathematics. These sections are all very well written, but I was surprised that there wasn’t more information on proportional betting in the section on money management. Wong mentions what is commonly referred to as Kelly betting, but instead of providing some details about how one would apply this to advantage sports betting, Wong refers the reader to the blackjack literature. Overall, the math is presented in a clear style that should be palatable to anyone who doesn’t have nightmares of their high school math courses. Wong manages to thread the needle pretty well by presenting powerful techniques in a clear manner that doesn’t require an advanced degree to understand.

While Sharp Sports Betting is primarily about selecting good sports bets based on mathematics, the next few sections provide a brief discussion on some aspects of Slot Gacor sports handicapping. One of the things Wong points out here is just how difficult it is to gain an advantage through handicapping, especially on NFL games where the results are so thoroughly analyzed. While it’s still possible to find good bets based on expert handicapping, Wong’s reasons for approaching this aspect of advantage sports betting with some trepidation are well founded.

The next few chapters cover some specific situations which on occasion can be exploited. These include parlays, season win totals, and proposition bets. In my opinion, these chapters include excellent information, perhaps the best sports betting advice I’ve seen in …


Sepuluh Perintah Pengeluaran Judi Sgp

Berikut ini adalah sepuluh perintah perjudian saya. Saya telah mengatakan sebagian besar saran ini di tempat lain tetapi hampir semua yang saya katakan tentang perjudian secara umum dapat diringkas di bawah ini.

Bersikaplah realistis, kasino memiliki aturan yang menguntungkan mereka. Jika Anda kalah, harapkan itu.

Jangan mengandalkan firasat. Selalu buat keputusan terbaik secara matematis.

Di sisi pemain adalah penggunaan clairvoyance dan kekuatan psikis lainnya tanpa batas. Kasino memiliki peluang matematika di pihak mereka. Yang mana yang selalu menang dalam jangka panjang?

Harapkan uang Anda akan naik dan turun seperti roller coaster dalam jangka pendek.

Bahkan penjudi profesional dengan keunggulan dapat mengalami kekalahan beruntun yang buruk saat mereka mengalami pasang surut fluktuasi bankroll jangka pendek. Demikian juga penjudi yang buruk dapat melakukannya dengan sangat baik dalam jangka pendek. Dalam segala bentuk perjudian, hampir semua hal bisa terjadi dalam jangka pendek.

Secara umum, semakin sulit permainan untuk dipahami, semakin kecil tepi rumah jika Anda memainkannya dengan benar.

Taruhan terbaik Anda adalah permainan blackjack, dadu, dan video poker yang lebih rumit, dengan asumsi Anda memainkannya dengan bijak. Taruhan terburuk Anda adalah permainan peluang murni sederhana seperti keno, roulette, dan roda enam besar.

Praktekkan pengelolaan uang yang baik.

Tetapkan batas untuk kerugian maksimum per sesi dan untuk seluruh perjalanan. Jangan bertaruh lebih dari yang biasanya Anda belanjakan untuk hiburan. Lakukan hal lain selain berjudi. Jangan bermain mabuk atau lelah.

Jangan lindung nilai taruhan Anda

Hindari dorongan untuk mengasuransikan terhadap Toto HK peristiwa yang akan menyebabkan Anda kalah atau terdesak daripada menang. Misalnya, jangan pernah mengambil asuransi dalam blackjack atau bertaruh pada dadu apa pun atau tujuh dadu apa pun. Tepi rumah pada taruhan lindung nilai selalu sangat tinggi. Jika Anda takut kalah maka jangan bertaruh.

Tidak ada sistem yang dapat mengalahkan permainan peluang murni.

Ada banyak sistem penipu yang menjanjikan yang dapat mengalahkan permainan keberuntungan seperti roulette, dadu, dan lotere. Sebagian besar sistem memperdagangkan banyak kemenangan kecil untuk beberapa kerugian besar. Dalam jangka panjang, tidak mungkin untuk mengalahkan tuan rumah dalam permainan yang sepenuhnya kebetulan.

Membayar untuk berbelanja untuk kondisi bermain terbaik.

Dalam banyak permainan, terutama blackjack dan video poker, aturannya dapat bervariasi dari …



their portfolio

Designate is a specialist marketing and communications agency, ranked in the top 300 UK agencies by the IPA, working in the field of travel, tourism, and leisure.

the project brief

We were approached by Designate to translate and copywrite advertising slogans for a well known passenger ferry chain.

the challenge

We were given a creative brief and Bubble Translationsed to supply a selection of copy written translations for each slogan, giving their client the option to choose which best fitted the mood of the campaign.

We provided back-translations of the slogans to assist the client in selecting those which best conveyed the humour and tone of the original English versions.

Formatting issues were clarified so that translations could be dropped into designs for a presentation Designate were giving to their client.

We offered a subsequent “revision” service whereby our translators would rework their translated slogans should the client require this.

the results

The Bubbles Translation Group was able to meet the client’s needs through careful selection of translators with copy-writing skills in order to ensure that the message and tone of the slogans was carried through in the translated versions. This involved ensuring that matters such as word play and humour were retained in the translations or adapted where necessary, to fit in with the culture of the target country.

A project manager liased with the client throughout the course of the project, in order to keep them up to date with progress, and to help with any developments that arose.

Bruizer Productions

their portfolio

Bruizer Productions specialise in filming, editing, and DVD authoring. Providing high-quality solutions in these fields from concept through to final product.

the project brief

To translate the script of a “No Limits” DVD into Portuguese, Bangladeshi, and Chinese.

To supply the translations back in bilingual format to facilitate burning subtitles onto the DVD.

To supply a British Sign Language interpreter to be filmed signing for the DVD.

The DVD was commissioned by Social Care Services to help disabled children make the transition into adulthood.

the challenge

This multifaceted project was completed through detailed …


The Shadow Brokers Only Accept ZCash Payments for Their Monthly Dump Service Crypto Gambling

It appears The Shadow Brokers are not done with their exploit sharing just yet. In fact, the group has announced a monthly dump service, which would give members access to more NSA hacking tools. It is evident the group aims to capitalize on the success of ransomware and malware attacks using NSA tools. Selling this information has proven to be quite difficult, thus a monthly service makes a lot of sense.


The Shadow Brokers have been trying to make a name for themselves over the past year or so. When the group first announced they had successfully hacked the NSA, a lot of people started paying attention to what they had to say. At first, they aimed to sell off their information to the highest bidder through a Bitcoin auction. That venture eventually failed, though.

A second attempt was made to sell the obtained NSA tools to the highest bidders, yet that auction was hardly taken seriously by interested parties. The only remaining course of action for The Shadow Brokers was to dump some exploits without receiving a payment. They have done exactly that, which resulted in the recent WannaCry ransomware and SMB worm attacks.

Now that The Shadow Brokers have shown the world what they actually possess, the group is looking to capitalize on the momentum once again. More specifically, they will provide a monthly dump service, which gives clients access to NSA exploits not made public at this time. Among the tools one can find browser and router exploits, compromised network data, and much more. It is certainly possible a lot of cybercriminals will look forward to this monthly membership.

Subscribing to The Shadow Brokers’ service can be done by sending 100 ZCash to the address provided in the group’s message. Do keep in mind users will have until June 30th to make the associated payment. At the time of writing, 100 ZCash equals to roughly 10.7 Bitcoin, worth just under US$25,000. This is not a small membership fee by any means, but the group aims to justify that price by …


Play Togel Hari Ini and Say It Togel Hari Ini

It’s been a while since new technology has come along to change the way pinup online people gamble on the Internet. A company called ScreenFriendsTM Corporation is seeking to end the drought by marrying Internet gambling and voice recognition technology.

The company, a subsidiary of WENR Corporation, is a developer of voice-interactive software designed to simplify computer and Internet navigation. Recently, WENR entered the gambling arena by announcing plans to introduce the world’s first voice-enabled casino games.

ScreenFriends Director of Product Development Brad Carley says the product will “revolutionize how we play games on the computer and over the Internet.”

ScreenFriends’ “Say and Play” technology can be rapidly interfaced with existing computer games.

The company says it intends to partner with, or license its “intelligent speech brain” technology to, game development companies that seek an enhanced, voice-activated gaming experience.

The ScreenFriends Personal Inter(Face)TM product is a patent-pending software combining voice recognition, animated characters and computer response technologies. ScreenFriends characters are interchangeable and can be customized to promote any corporate sponsor online or offline 24/7.

For computer users, the software requires no training to receive rich media and dynamic promotional content over the Web.

ScreenFriends opens and closes programs, surfs the Web, reads e-mail, and delivers stock quotes, news, movie reviews, weather reports, etc.

Companies use ScreenFriends to increase web site traffic, deliver electronic coupons, increase brand awareness and offer special promotions direct to their desired demographic. The technology developed by ScreenFriends provides for a voice-enabled solution for most computer software.

The company has not disclosed whether it has signed agreements yet with online casino software developing firms.

InterCasino Jackpot Hits $150,000

InterCasino announced today that the Togel Hari Ini Jackpot of its newly released Progressive Caribbean Poker game has reached $150,000, one of the largest jackpots in online gaming history. The jackpot starts at $50,000 and grows with every bet until someone wins.

Players don’t even need a Royal Flush to get the taste of a big win. A straight flush pays 10% of the jackpot, which is at least $15,000. Lower combinations also pay out handsomely — a $1 …