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เเทงหวยออนไลน์ to be the Firtst Web-based Firm to Join the FTSE 100 Index

Top ranking poker site เเทงหวยออนไลน์ is celebrating as it will become the first web-based firm to join the FTSE 100 Index, ever since the dotcom boom began. PartyGaming floated on the London market, in the month of June and was on for the promotion, although it had lost more than 2 billion pounds of its value, on Tuesday. It will be replacing Hays, the recruitment firm after the quarterly reshuffle of the Footsie. Oil and gas group Cairn Energy has been reinstated to top flight after a six month absence. The net worth of PartyGaming was 4.2 billion pounds as per Tuesday’s closing prices and this determines the changes to the membership of the Footsie. This elevation came barely 24 hours after PartyGaming’s shares had dipped down by one third. The downswing has occurred owing to a predicted slump in the online gaming arena. Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy was pushed up and promoted after its share value shot up, its worth now going on to more than 2.8 billion pounds. reports:
A relative minnow in the oil and gas sector just two years ago, Cairn is now worth more than 2.8 billion pounds. In addition to PartyGaming joining the top flight companies that recently listed on the London Stock Exchange also accounted for major movements in the lower tiers.
Budweiser Hangs its Crown in the Arena of WPT
The self-proclaimed “King of Beers” Budweiser, makes its presence in the field of World Poker Tour (WPT). Budweiser’s brewer, Anheuser-Busch gives local players a chance to get a free entry into WPT. Starting this December and going on till February next year, players will get a chance to win and compete in a national showdown. Two top ranking players will find a seat to the WPT’s Celebrity Pro-Am Invitational Tournament. Winners will rub shoulders with more than 300 players, to win a prize pool of $200,000. Poker is an exceedingly popular sport and the Budweiser logo will cash in on this. It will be seen on the featured table ring and the player’s hole cards. Anheuser-Busch also intends to show television sports …


Sweet Sabyl and Some Semi-Live Updates Sihoki Slot

*Note: all of this information can also be found in my earlier post Ladies Update: Day 5. I bumped it up so our readers can more easily find the updated information without scrolling all the way to the bottom of the front page**
9:28 PM – Sabyl Cohen just ended a brilliant run in the 2006 Sihoki Slot Main Event, busting in 56th place. When I came back into the tournament room after dinner break, I didn’t see her and I feared for the worst, but she had just been moved to the TV featured table. Never losing her cool, Sabyl was the shortest stack in the tournament when she got moved, and ended up pushing in with the Kd-8s. Eric Frieberg called her with the Jd-Th. The board came As-Th-Qh-4d-8c, sending her home with $123,699.
Sabyl was both gracious and dignified in defeat, shaking hands with the entire table and embracing her boyfriend, who had been sweating her from the stands.
“I got in with the best of it. But it was the hand with the tens that really killed me” she said, as she was escorted to the payout line to receive her winnings.
The last woman standing in the WSOP, Sabyl outlasted 8718 players, or 99.4% of the field. Though I’m sure she’s disappointed right now, she has a helluva lot to be proud of.
8:52 PM – Only 15 minutes after returning from dinner break, Sabyl saw her stack cut in half on a killer of a hand. On a 9s-6s-4c flop, Sabyl’s opponent Raphael Doromal bet 300,000 and she reraised all-in, having him covered. Doromal called and showed the 4s-5s to Cohen’s Ts-Td. Sabyl was slightly ahead on this flop– about 53% to win. The 5c on the turn gave Doromal the lead and the 7h was of no help to Cohen. She’s got about 500K left.
With 62 players remaining, we’re into six figure payouts.
6:52 PM – We’re now on dinner break with 65 players remaining in the field. 11 more and we all go home for the night. Sabyl is still …


Hasil HK Hari Ini resorted to setting rules for myself…

i realized i’d been taking it on the chin in multis simply because i wasn’t willing to suck it up and details my flaws in an orderly fashion, so i set about to doing that.
now, in fairness, i’m still playing pretty far above even in multis since i began this little experiment, but there is NO doubt that multis are slaughtering my hourly. the upside is that when i play multis, i tend to play a ton of SNGs as well, and my skill in those is leaps and bounds above MTTs. moneying in about 40% of those is a helpful band-aid over the gaping wound that is my MTT results. i’ve started annotating the more interesting SNG and will be making the result available in PDF or ebook form once i get around to figuring out which would be better / lighter on our bandwidth.
…the rules. i’ve tried a variety of mistake logs before, where i’d copy the HH and then annotate exactly what i did wrong, but they always kind of fizzled out, maybe because of ego, maybe because they were inefficient, who knows. i’ve had complex personal systems that were designed to stop me from going on tilt, also now gone by the wayside [i find i don’t actually tilt so much anymore, so that, like most things, just took time], i’ve had notes pasted all over my computer, etc … anyhow, this time i went with something a bit simpler – i just looked over a bunch of HH’s, thought about my play the last few weeks, and just made a list of fifteen or so common mistakes i make, 10 major and 5 minor, saved the file to my desktop, and solemnly swore to keep it open when playing multis and to just keep a quick note of violations.
will it work? probably not, but my hard drive can manage another 10k, so no reason i can see, really, to not do it. anything that makes me stop and think is a good thing, as you’ll see when you read the first draft …


QQWIN99 Threatens United States Security!!!

OK, we all know that the United States government made some trade deals with the Europeans and Antigua-Barbuda and several other countries, in order to enforce the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Now it seems some taxpayers would like to know exactly the terms of those trade deals. Seems simply enough, right?
So, it seems freelance writer Ed Brayton filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get the financial details of these trade agreements. The United States Trade Representative responded by telling Brayton that the information he requested was classified because of national security.
“Be advised that the document you seek is being withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(1), which pertains to information that is properly classified in the interest of national security pursuant to Executive Order 12958.”
Brayton writes on his blog,
“Americans, according to this administration, have no right to know how many billions of our tax dollars they’ve spent with no legislative authorization whatsoever in order to buy the cooperation of other nations and allow them to continue to violate the rights of American adults by preventing them from gambling in the privacy of their own home.”
I really want to say something witty or mean and perhaps even sound disgusted but this is just too stupid for words. The only thing that really scares me is that there probably are some Washington officials who really believe that QQWIN99 is a national security issue; that and we pay these people’s salaries to be this incredibly stupid in public.
EU: The State of Poker
The nations, city-states, regions and races of the European continent have fought for thousands of years. They have fought over territory, religion, ethnicity, money, freedom and slavery, human rights and the right to control humans. Since 1993, the European Union has attempted to be:
“A political and economic community of twenty-seven member states, located primarily in Europe. The EU comprises a single market created by a system of laws which apply in all member states, guaranteeing the freedom of movement of people, goods, services and capital. It maintains a common trade …


5 Weird and Unsual Ways to Save crypto trust Money

Almost everyone could probably do with saving a little bit of money these days. However, crypto trust saving cash doesn’t have to be all about buying cheaper versions of branded items and carefully using coupons – you can make it much more interesting than that! Here we have 5 weird and unusual ways you can save money:
1. Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet
If you’ve got a cat, you could save a lot of money by teaching it to use the toilet. You might think this idea is ridiculous, and it might look a little silly, but replacing the litter box can be worth your while. Yearly, the average cost of cat litter is around £100. If you take into account that the average cat lives for 15 years, that will cost you around £1,500. You wouldn’t believe it, but teaching your cat to use the toilet is fairly simple! You can’t teach them how to flush unfortunately, but it’s worth it for the cash you can save.
2. Have a Permanent Makeup Procedure
The average woman spends around £14,000 on makeup, in her lifetime. Wow! Of course, deciding not to wear makeup at all in favour of the au naturel look would be the cheapest thing to do, but we wouldn’t expect you to do that. A permanent makeup procedure involves pigmentation of the skin, similar to a tattoo. These procedures cost anywhere from £200 – £800 depending on where you go, and there are a few risks involved. However, you could be left with permanent, beautiful results for a one off payment and treatment. You could even save by borrowing the money from Buddy Loans if you can’t afford the treatment straight away.
3. Become a Vegetarian
Fruit and veg can be expensive, so many people believe that a vegetarian diet is actually more expensive than a meat eater’s diet. However, we can confirm that this is false! Not only will you enjoy better health by taking up a plant based diet, you’ll find buying fruit, veg, beans, soy, and rice much cheaper in the long …


Learn Proper togel hongkong hari ini Strategy

Using correct togel hongkong hari ini strategy is essential in today’s blackjack games to minimize the house edge (the % chance the house will win) and increase your chances of becoming a long term winner at blackjack. Basic blackjack strategy is the most common method that players should use to ensure that they are playing the game in the correct manner which will give them the best odds to win. The principles of basic blackjack strategy are a guide as to what decision the player should make based on the rules of blackjack along with other variables such as what the dealer has and the type of blackjack game being played. Below is a simple reference chart for regular blackjack which shows how a player should react to different hand combinations based on what the dealer has. For a more detailed chart, please see our blackjack basic strategy chart section.

In addition to using basic blackjack strategy, there are other more non-traditional variables that some players use to help them improve their strategy at the blackjack table. Some of these factors include:

Table Selection:

Table selection is an important decision both on and offline when you are thinking of playing a pinup online blackjack table with more than one player. There are a number of variables that you must consider to ensure that your odds are not compromised while playing at this table.

Game Selection:
Another aspect that can be an important factor in determining your profits at the table is the type of game you select. With many variations of blackjack, you need to be sure you are getting the best odds for your bets at the table.

Blackjack Betting Strategy:
Blackjack betting strategy is a more controversial part of the game of blackjack with many varying theories on how and when to bet certain amounts while playing blackjack. This section discusses some of the popular methods for betting in blackjack and what has traditional worked and not worked for some of the most successful blackjack players online.

Blackjack Bankroll Management:
As with poker, managing your blackjack money is …


The High Stakes Rail – 1/17/10-1/23/10

Cole South and Ziigmund won some huge pots last week. All pots were played on Full crypto gambling $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables. Unlike most of the high-stakes pots we are accustomed to seeing, most these pots were not played heads-up. A number of various players were involved in last week’s high-stakes pots.

In last week’s biggest pot, Cole South was seated under-the-gun with $421,764.50 and Ziigmund was seated to his left with $284,592 in a five-handed pot. Cole South raised to $1,800 with Th8d7h6d and was three-bet to $6,800 with Ziigmund’s AcAsKs7d. Richard Ashby called the three-bet from the button. LarsLuzak took this opportunity to shove his $24,998 into the pot with AdKh6h5d. The big blind folded and South called. Ziigmund reraised the action to $107,892. Oddly, Cole South flatted the bet out of position and saw the 2h5cTs give him top-pair. However, he was behind Ziigmund’s overpair. South put Ziigmund all-in and Ziigmund called. Unfortunately for Ziigmund, the 8c turn and 8s river hit South squarely in the face. South caught a full house by the river and took the $601,382 pot. What a bad beat!

Ziigmund and South continued to go at it in a three-handed pot where Ziigmund raised to $2,400 from the button with AhKs9h4d and was three-bet to $8,100 by South’s JhTs9c6h. The big blind folded and Ziigmund called in position. South lead the 9dAs7h flop (that gave him a pair plus a gutshot straight draw) with a $13,800 bet. Ziigmund called with top-pair, top-kicker and saw the Kh turn give him two-pair. South lead with a pot-sized bet but Ziigmund shoved his $124,035 stack this time. South called hoping for any eight to complete his straight. However, the river came out a seven of clubs and Ziigmund took the $292,470 pot.

In a heads-up pot between South and Ziigmund, South raised to $1,800 with KhQsJh9s and the button. Ziigmund three-bet to $5,400 with AcKcQcTh and was four-bet to $16,200. Ziigmund reraised to $48,600 and South called in position. The Jd8d3h flop gave Ziigmund a gutshot straight draw plus three overcards and gave South top-pair. …


Review of Sharp Sports Betting

Stanford Wong is rightfully regarded as one of the most well-respected gambling authors. While he is most noted for his books about beating the game of blackjack, he has also written books on Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker, Casino Tournaments, and other topics. In his first new book for Pi Yee press since 1993, Wong examines the mathematics of advantage sports betting.

The book begins with the basics, explaining the terminology of sports betting and how to interpret the numbers on the walls and screens in a sports book. Wong follows this with a discussion of money management, some information and advice about betting sports on the Internet, and a discussion of mathematics. These sections are all very well written, but I was surprised that there wasn’t more information on proportional betting in the section on money management. Wong mentions what is commonly referred to as Kelly betting, but instead of providing some details about how one would apply this to advantage sports betting, Wong refers the reader to the blackjack literature. Overall, the math is presented in a clear style that should be palatable to anyone who doesn’t have nightmares of their high school math courses. Wong manages to thread the needle pretty well by presenting powerful techniques in a clear manner that doesn’t require an advanced degree to understand.

While Sharp Sports Betting is primarily about selecting good sports bets based on mathematics, the next few sections provide a brief discussion on some aspects of Slot Gacor sports handicapping. One of the things Wong points out here is just how difficult it is to gain an advantage through handicapping, especially on NFL games where the results are so thoroughly analyzed. While it’s still possible to find good bets based on expert handicapping, Wong’s reasons for approaching this aspect of advantage sports betting with some trepidation are well founded.

The next few chapters cover some specific situations which on occasion can be exploited. These include parlays, season win totals, and proposition bets. In my opinion, these chapters include excellent information, perhaps the best sports betting advice I’ve seen in …


The Shadow Brokers Only Accept ZCash Payments for Their Monthly Dump Service Crypto Gambling

It appears The Shadow Brokers are not done with their exploit sharing just yet. In fact, the group has announced a monthly dump service, which would give members access to more NSA hacking tools. It is evident the group aims to capitalize on the success of ransomware and malware attacks using NSA tools. Selling this information has proven to be quite difficult, thus a monthly service makes a lot of sense.


The Shadow Brokers have been trying to make a name for themselves over the past year or so. When the group first announced they had successfully hacked the NSA, a lot of people started paying attention to what they had to say. At first, they aimed to sell off their information to the highest bidder through a Bitcoin auction. That venture eventually failed, though.

A second attempt was made to sell the obtained NSA tools to the highest bidders, yet that auction was hardly taken seriously by interested parties. The only remaining course of action for The Shadow Brokers was to dump some exploits without receiving a payment. They have done exactly that, which resulted in the recent WannaCry ransomware and SMB worm attacks.

Now that The Shadow Brokers have shown the world what they actually possess, the group is looking to capitalize on the momentum once again. More specifically, they will provide a monthly dump service, which gives clients access to NSA exploits not made public at this time. Among the tools one can find browser and router exploits, compromised network data, and much more. It is certainly possible a lot of cybercriminals will look forward to this monthly membership.

Subscribing to The Shadow Brokers’ service can be done by sending 100 ZCash to the address provided in the group’s message. Do keep in mind users will have until June 30th to make the associated payment. At the time of writing, 100 ZCash equals to roughly 10.7 Bitcoin, worth just under US$25,000. This is not a small membership fee by any means, but the group aims to justify that price by …


Play Togel Hari Ini and Say It Togel Hari Ini

It’s been a while since new technology has come along to change the way people gamble on the Internet. A company called ScreenFriendsTM Corporation is seeking to end the drought by marrying Internet gambling and voice recognition technology.

The company, a subsidiary of WENR Corporation, is a developer of voice-interactive software designed to simplify computer and Internet navigation. Recently, WENR entered the gambling arena by announcing plans to introduce the world’s first voice-enabled casino games.

ScreenFriends Director of Product Development Brad Carley says the product will “revolutionize how we play games on the computer and over the Internet.”

ScreenFriends’ “Say and Play” technology can be rapidly interfaced with existing computer games.

The company says it intends to partner with, or license its “intelligent speech brain” technology to, game development companies that seek an enhanced, voice-activated gaming experience.

The ScreenFriends Personal Inter(Face)TM product is a patent-pending software combining voice recognition, animated characters and computer response technologies. ScreenFriends characters are interchangeable and can be customized to promote any corporate sponsor online or offline 24/7.

For computer users, the software requires no training to receive rich media and dynamic promotional content over the Web.

ScreenFriends opens and closes programs, surfs the Web, reads e-mail, and delivers stock quotes, news, movie reviews, weather reports, etc.

Companies use ScreenFriends to increase web site traffic, deliver electronic coupons, increase brand awareness and offer special promotions direct to their desired demographic. The technology developed by ScreenFriends provides for a voice-enabled solution for most computer software.

The company has not disclosed whether it has signed agreements yet with online casino software developing firms.

InterCasino Jackpot Hits $150,000

InterCasino announced today that the Togel Hari Ini Jackpot of its newly released Progressive Caribbean Poker game has reached $150,000, one of the largest jackpots in online gaming history. The jackpot starts at $50,000 and grows with every bet until someone wins.

Players don’t even need a Royal Flush to get the taste of a big win. A straight flush pays 10% of the jackpot, which is at least $15,000. Lower combinations also pay out handsomely — a $1 bonus bet …