The High Stakes Rail – 1/17/10-1/23/10

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Cole South and Ziigmund won some huge pots last week. All pots were played on Full crypto gambling $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables. Unlike most of the high-stakes pots we are accustomed to seeing, most these pots were not played heads-up. A number of various players were involved in last week’s high-stakes pots.

In last week’s biggest pot, Cole South was seated under-the-gun with $421,764.50 and Ziigmund was seated to his left with $284,592 in a five-handed pot. Cole South raised to $1,800 with Th8d7h6d and was three-bet to $6,800 with Ziigmund’s AcAsKs7d. Richard Ashby called the three-bet from the button. LarsLuzak took this opportunity to shove his $24,998 into the pot with AdKh6h5d. The big blind folded and South called. Ziigmund reraised the action to $107,892. Oddly, Cole South flatted the bet out of position and saw the 2h5cTs give him top-pair. However, he was behind Ziigmund’s overpair. South put Ziigmund all-in and Ziigmund called. Unfortunately for Ziigmund, the 8c turn and 8s river hit South squarely in the face. South caught a full house by the river and took the $601,382 pot. What a bad beat!

Ziigmund and South continued to go at it in a three-handed pot where Ziigmund raised to $2,400 from the button with AhKs9h4d and was three-bet to $8,100 by South’s JhTs9c6h. The big blind folded and Ziigmund called in position. South lead the 9dAs7h flop (that gave him a pair plus a gutshot straight draw) with a $13,800 bet. Ziigmund called with top-pair, top-kicker and saw the Kh turn give him two-pair. South lead with a pot-sized bet but Ziigmund shoved his $124,035 stack this time. South called hoping for any eight to complete his straight. However, the river came out a seven of clubs and Ziigmund took the $292,470 pot.

In a heads-up pot between South and Ziigmund, South raised to $1,800 with KhQsJh9s and the button. Ziigmund three-bet to $5,400 with AcKcQcTh and was four-bet to $16,200. Ziigmund reraised to $48,600 and South called in position. The Jd8d3h flop gave Ziigmund a gutshot straight draw plus three overcards and gave South top-pair. Ziigmund shoved the rest of his $70,800 stack into the $97,200 pot and South called. The 9s turn and Js river gave South a full house and sealed this pot. South raked in the $238,800 pot.

In another three-handed pot, we see a new face: trex313. Ashby folded the button and trex313 raised AsKd8d3h from the small blind. South called with AdThTc9c in position. The KhTd6d flop hit both players giving trex313 top-pair with a second nut flush draw and giving South a set of tens. Trex313 lead with a $3,000 bet which was raised to $11,400. Trex313 called and caught two-pair with the 3s turn. Unfortunately, this card was a curse for trex313. Thinking he was extracting value from his South, trex313 chose to check-raise. Trex313 checked, South bet $26,700, and trex313 raised to $106,800, putting South all-in. South called with his set and showed trex313 the bad news. He was drawing to a diamond or any king, but the seven of clubs river was neither and gave South the $191,852 pot.


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