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The High Stakes Rail – 1/17/10-1/23/10

Cole South and Ziigmund won some huge pots last week. All pots were played on Full crypto gambling $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables. Unlike most of the high-stakes pots we are accustomed to seeing, most these pots were not played heads-up. A number of various players were involved in last week’s high-stakes pots.

In last week’s biggest pot, Cole South was seated under-the-gun with $421,764.50 and Ziigmund was seated to his left with $284,592 in a five-handed pot. Cole South raised to $1,800 with Th8d7h6d and was three-bet to $6,800 with Ziigmund’s AcAsKs7d. Richard Ashby called the three-bet from the button. LarsLuzak took this opportunity to shove his $24,998 into the pot with AdKh6h5d. The big blind folded and South called. Ziigmund reraised the action to $107,892. Oddly, Cole South flatted the bet out of position and saw the 2h5cTs give him top-pair. However, he was behind Ziigmund’s overpair. South put Ziigmund all-in and Ziigmund called. Unfortunately for Ziigmund, the 8c turn and 8s river hit South squarely in the face. South caught a full house by the river and took the $601,382 pot. What a bad beat!

Ziigmund and South continued to go at it in a three-handed pot where Ziigmund raised to $2,400 from the button with AhKs9h4d and was three-bet to $8,100 by South’s JhTs9c6h. The big blind folded and Ziigmund called in position. South lead the 9dAs7h flop (that gave him a pair plus a gutshot straight draw) with a $13,800 bet. Ziigmund called with top-pair, top-kicker and saw the Kh turn give him two-pair. South lead with a pot-sized bet but Ziigmund shoved his $124,035 stack this time. South called hoping for any eight to complete his straight. However, the river came out a seven of clubs and Ziigmund took the $292,470 pot.

In a heads-up pot between South and Ziigmund, South raised to $1,800 with KhQsJh9s and the button. Ziigmund three-bet to $5,400 with AcKcQcTh and was four-bet to $16,200. Ziigmund reraised to $48,600 and South called in position. The Jd8d3h flop gave Ziigmund a gutshot straight draw plus three overcards and gave South top-pair. …


The Shadow Brokers Only Accept ZCash Payments for Their Monthly Dump Service Crypto Gambling

It appears The Shadow Brokers are not done with their exploit sharing just yet. In fact, the group has announced a monthly dump service, which would give members access to more NSA hacking tools. It is evident the group aims to capitalize on the success of ransomware and malware attacks using NSA tools. Selling this information has proven to be quite difficult, thus a monthly service makes a lot of sense.


The Shadow Brokers have been trying to make a name for themselves over the past year or so. When the group first announced they had successfully hacked the NSA, a lot of people started paying attention to what they had to say. At first, they aimed to sell off their information to the highest bidder through a Bitcoin auction. That venture eventually failed, though.

A second attempt was made to sell the obtained NSA tools to the highest bidders, yet that auction was hardly taken seriously by interested parties. The only remaining course of action for The Shadow Brokers was to dump some exploits without receiving a payment. They have done exactly that, which resulted in the recent WannaCry ransomware and SMB worm attacks.

Now that The Shadow Brokers have shown the world what they actually possess, the group is looking to capitalize on the momentum once again. More specifically, they will provide a monthly dump service, which gives clients access to NSA exploits not made public at this time. Among the tools one can find browser and router exploits, compromised network data, and much more. It is certainly possible a lot of cybercriminals will look forward to this monthly membership.

Subscribing to The Shadow Brokers’ service can be done by sending 100 ZCash to the address provided in the group’s message. Do keep in mind users will have until June 30th to make the associated payment. At the time of writing, 100 ZCash equals to roughly 10.7 Bitcoin, worth just under US$25,000. This is not a small membership fee by any means, but the group aims to justify that price by …