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Maho Beach Resort Caribbean Pragmatic Play Classic

The Caribbean Pragmatic Play Classic will be held December 5 through December 10, 2004, at the Maho Beach Resort on the island of St. Maarten. This is an excellent poker tournament for players looking to combine a Caribbean island vacation with a major poker tournament. The Maho Beach Resort is a 600 room luxury resort on 10 acres of beachfront property. The resort has a beautiful white sand beach, immaculate tropical grounds, great dining, and plenty of island activities. And, the average temperature during the winter is 80F (27C)!
The tournaments take place in the Maho Beach Resort’s Casino Royale. This is the largest casino on the island and has all of the usual casino games including slots, blackjack, craps, and more.
The Caribbean Poker Classic consists of six days of no limit Texas Hold’em poker tournaments. The action starts on December 5, with a Welcome Party from 7 to 9pm and the first tournament of the Classic at 10pm. Daily poker tournaments continue through December 10. Satellite tournaments will be held on December 6 and 7 with a Super Satellite on December 7.
The main event is a three day $5,000 Championship tournament starting on December 8, with an estimated $1 Million in prize money. The Classic concludes with an evening Awards Banquet on December 10.
InterPokerOnline satellite tournaments are available at InterPoker for a Championship buy-in and travel package which includes: the Championship tournament buy-in of $5100, hotel accommodations for six nights at the Maho Beach Resort, round-trip airfare for two within the continental US (or a $1500 airfare allowance), the welcome party, awards banquet, and a welcome gift.
The 2004 Caribbean Poker Classic tournament schedule is below.
Foxwoods Casino World Poker Finals
The Foxwoods Casino World Poker Finals at Foxwoods Casino is an annual poker tournament in October and November. Foxwoods Casino is a large resort located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and hosts a 76 table poker room. Foxwoods is a member of the World Poker Tour and the Foxwoods World Poker Finals poker tournament is one of the official Tour events.
The World Poker Finals poker tournaments …


เเทงหวยออนไลน์ to be the Firtst Web-based Firm to Join the FTSE 100 Index

Top ranking poker site เเทงหวยออนไลน์ is celebrating as it will become the first web-based firm to join the FTSE 100 Index, ever since the dotcom boom began. PartyGaming floated on the London market, in the month of June and was on for the promotion, although it had lost more than 2 billion pounds of its value, on Tuesday. It will be replacing Hays, the recruitment firm after the quarterly reshuffle of the Footsie. Oil and gas group Cairn Energy has been reinstated to top flight after a six month absence. The net worth of PartyGaming was 4.2 billion pounds as per Tuesday’s closing prices and this determines the changes to the membership of the Footsie. This elevation came barely 24 hours after PartyGaming’s shares had dipped down by one third. The downswing has occurred owing to a predicted slump in the online gaming arena. Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy was pushed up and promoted after its share value shot up, its worth now going on to more than 2.8 billion pounds. reports:
A relative minnow in the oil and gas sector just two years ago, Cairn is now worth more than 2.8 billion pounds. In addition to PartyGaming joining the top flight companies that recently listed on the London Stock Exchange also accounted for major movements in the lower tiers.
Budweiser Hangs its Crown in the Arena of WPT
The self-proclaimed “King of Beers” Budweiser, makes its presence in the field of World Poker Tour (WPT). Budweiser’s brewer, Anheuser-Busch gives local players a chance to get a free entry into WPT. Starting this December and going on till February next year, players will get a chance to win and compete in a national showdown. Two top ranking players will find a seat to the WPT’s Celebrity Pro-Am Invitational Tournament. Winners will rub shoulders with more than 300 players, to win a prize pool of $200,000. Poker is an exceedingly popular sport and the Budweiser logo will cash in on this. It will be seen on the featured table ring and the player’s hole cards. Anheuser-Busch also intends to show television sports …


Sweet Sabyl and Some Semi-Live Updates Sihoki Slot

*Note: all of this information can also be found in my earlier post Ladies Update: Day 5. I bumped it up so our readers can more easily find the updated information without scrolling all the way to the bottom of the front page**
9:28 PM – Sabyl Cohen just ended a brilliant run in the 2006 Sihoki Slot Main Event, busting in 56th place. When I came back into the tournament room after dinner break, I didn’t see her and I feared for the worst, but she had just been moved to the TV featured table. Never losing her cool, Sabyl was the shortest stack in the tournament when she got moved, and ended up pushing in with the Kd-8s. Eric Frieberg called her with the Jd-Th. The board came As-Th-Qh-4d-8c, sending her home with $123,699.
Sabyl was both gracious and dignified in defeat, shaking hands with the entire table and embracing her boyfriend, who had been sweating her from the stands.
“I got in with the best of it. But it was the hand with the tens that really killed me” she said, as she was escorted to the payout line to receive her winnings.
The last woman standing in the WSOP, Sabyl outlasted 8718 players, or 99.4% of the field. Though I’m sure she’s disappointed right now, she has a helluva lot to be proud of.
8:52 PM – Only 15 minutes after returning from dinner break, Sabyl saw her stack cut in half on a killer of a hand. On a 9s-6s-4c flop, Sabyl’s opponent Raphael Doromal bet 300,000 and she reraised all-in, having him covered. Doromal called and showed the 4s-5s to Cohen’s Ts-Td. Sabyl was slightly ahead on this flop– about 53% to win. The 5c on the turn gave Doromal the lead and the 7h was of no help to Cohen. She’s got about 500K left.
With 62 players remaining, we’re into six figure payouts.
6:52 PM – We’re now on dinner break with 65 players remaining in the field. 11 more and we all go home for the night. Sabyl is still …


Hasil HK Hari Ini resorted to setting rules for myself…

i realized i’d been taking it on the chin in multis simply because i wasn’t willing to suck it up and details my flaws in an orderly fashion, so i set about to doing that.
now, in fairness, i’m still playing pretty far above even in multis since i began this little experiment, but there is NO doubt that multis are slaughtering my hourly. the upside is that when i play multis, i tend to play a ton of SNGs as well, and my skill in those is leaps and bounds above MTTs. moneying in about 40% of those is a helpful band-aid over the gaping wound that is my MTT results. i’ve started annotating the more interesting SNG and will be making the result available in PDF or ebook form once i get around to figuring out which would be better / lighter on our bandwidth.
…the rules. i’ve tried a variety of mistake logs before, where i’d copy the HH and then annotate exactly what i did wrong, but they always kind of fizzled out, maybe because of ego, maybe because they were inefficient, who knows. i’ve had complex personal systems that were designed to stop me from going on tilt, also now gone by the wayside [i find i don’t actually tilt so much anymore, so that, like most things, just took time], i’ve had notes pasted all over my computer, etc … anyhow, this time i went with something a bit simpler – i just looked over a bunch of HH’s, thought about my play the last few weeks, and just made a list of fifteen or so common mistakes i make, 10 major and 5 minor, saved the file to my desktop, and solemnly swore to keep it open when playing multis and to just keep a quick note of violations.
will it work? probably not, but my hard drive can manage another 10k, so no reason i can see, really, to not do it. anything that makes me stop and think is a good thing, as you’ll see when you read the first draft …


QQWIN99 Threatens United States Security!!!

OK, we all know that the United States government made some trade deals with the Europeans and Antigua-Barbuda and several other countries, in order to enforce the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Now it seems some taxpayers would like to know exactly the terms of those trade deals. Seems simply enough, right?
So, it seems freelance writer Ed Brayton filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get the financial details of these trade agreements. The United States Trade Representative responded by telling Brayton that the information he requested was classified because of national security.
“Be advised that the document you seek is being withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(1), which pertains to information that is properly classified in the interest of national security pursuant to Executive Order 12958.”
Brayton writes on his blog,
“Americans, according to this administration, have no right to know how many billions of our tax dollars they’ve spent with no legislative authorization whatsoever in order to buy the cooperation of other nations and allow them to continue to violate the rights of American adults by preventing them from gambling in the privacy of their own home.”
I really want to say something witty or mean and perhaps even sound disgusted but this is just too stupid for words. The only thing that really scares me is that there probably are some Washington officials who really believe that QQWIN99 is a national security issue; that and we pay these people’s salaries to be this incredibly stupid in public.
EU: The State of Poker
The nations, city-states, regions and races of the European continent have fought for thousands of years. They have fought over territory, religion, ethnicity, money, freedom and slavery, human rights and the right to control humans. Since 1993, the European Union has attempted to be:
“A political and economic community of twenty-seven member states, located primarily in Europe. The EU comprises a single market created by a system of laws which apply in all member states, guaranteeing the freedom of movement of people, goods, services and capital. It maintains a common trade …


5 Weird and Unsual Ways to Save crypto trust Money

Almost everyone could probably do with saving a little bit of money these days. However, crypto trust saving cash doesn’t have to be all about buying cheaper versions of branded items and carefully using coupons – you can make it much more interesting than that! Here we have 5 weird and unusual ways you can save money:
1. Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet
If you’ve got a cat, you could save a lot of money by teaching it to use the toilet. You might think this idea is ridiculous, and it might look a little silly, but replacing the litter box can be worth your while. Yearly, the average cost of cat litter is around £100. If you take into account that the average cat lives for 15 years, that will cost you around £1,500. You wouldn’t believe it, but teaching your cat to use the toilet is fairly simple! You can’t teach them how to flush unfortunately, but it’s worth it for the cash you can save.
2. Have a Permanent Makeup Procedure
The average woman spends around £14,000 on makeup, in her lifetime. Wow! Of course, deciding not to wear makeup at all in favour of the au naturel look would be the cheapest thing to do, but we wouldn’t expect you to do that. A permanent makeup procedure involves pigmentation of the skin, similar to a tattoo. These procedures cost anywhere from £200 – £800 depending on where you go, and there are a few risks involved. However, you could be left with permanent, beautiful results for a one off payment and treatment. You could even save by borrowing the money from Buddy Loans if you can’t afford the treatment straight away.
3. Become a Vegetarian
Fruit and veg can be expensive, so many people believe that a vegetarian diet is actually more expensive than a meat eater’s diet. However, we can confirm that this is false! Not only will you enjoy better health by taking up a plant based diet, you’ll find buying fruit, veg, beans, soy, and rice much cheaper in the long …


APowers1968 Wins togel hongkong WCOOP Event 48


The 2010 togel hongkong World Championship of Online Poker is currently underway, and host to a great variety of different events. Among the more popular are the two-day events being run, and one such tournament took place this week. APowers1968 proved he had what it takes to outwit and outlast his opponents over a grueling two days of poker, and he walked away with the prize money, the title and the prestigious PokerStars gold bracelet.

Two day events receive mixed reception from the poker community. On the one hand there are those who feel that breaking a tournament up over two days gives the players involved a decent rest and leads to higher quality play and thought as the tournament progresses into the deeper stages of day two. The other camp argues that two day events are much more grueling than their single day counterparts, and that the break loses the rhythm of the tournament. Fortunately in this year’s WCOOP there are enough events to go around, and so players can pick and choose to their liking!

1,224 players showed their enthusiasm for the format, and with a $1,000 +$50 buy-in that’s no whimsical show of support. Of course there were those who gained entry into the event via the many satellite tournaments PokerStars had on offer, but even that takes a substantial display of will to avoid having to have a substantial wallet. The Million dollar guarantee did of course act as an incentive to these players, and in the end the prize pool exceeded this coming in at $1,224,000, with first place alone worth $213,955.20.

No deal was come to in Event 48, with the players instead choosing to battle it out. The final table started to look very empty as third-place getter Timinator6 was bullied out of the tournament by the massive stack of soon-to-be runner-up vluff, and only two players remained.

APowers1968 had an almost 8:1 chip deficit against the monster stacked vluff as heads up play commenced, but he didn’t let that deter him. Doubling up very early on and then scoring another big …


Half Otis sbobet

I had pieces of roast beef sandwich in my teeth and wondered if the Vegas lights were so bright that the midnight walking crowd could see my sloppiness. I passed the Bellagio, the Aladdin, and countless rocking nightclubs as I walked the length of The Strip alone. No one could see the roast beef. I wasn’t smiling.
Porn slappers looked at me and sbobet away. They could see I was in no condition to consider the $69 two-girl special. They could see I was ill-equipped to do much of anything in bed.
They were so wrong. Twenty minutes later I was under the covers watching the National Finals Rodeo on a flickering Imperial Palace TV set.
There are times in life when you we all reach a point at which we say, “What am I doing with my life? What am I doing to myself?” Less than one week before this moment I had turned 32. All in all, I didn’t consider it a bad age, as many of my friends are approaching 40 and still rolling along well. Still, on this night, I felt old and used up. A decade earlier, a 36-hour bender would’ve been easy. Now, it was cause for concern. I felt terminal.
It was Friday night and I had forced myself, in an act of personal punishment, to walk once again from the MGM to the IP. There would be no cab ride for a guy who had once again treated his body like a playground and lived through an ugly, hungover day with little more to show for it than yet another Otis Got Drunk story.
Indeed, I knew there was a problem when I asked myself why I even bothered going to Vegas, playing poker, and hanging with the Bloggerati. As I walked by the Barbary Coast and shielded my eyes from the roaming cowboys’ belt-buckle reflections, I didn’t like myself very much. It was one of those moments where you ask yourself, “What do I contribute, anyway?” and hear nothing but piped-in Muzak in response.
And so it was as I studied …


It was about that time I had slot hoki a fantastic idea.

“Albania,” I said, “do me a favor. Say this: Give that man his money.”
For some reason, Albania indulged me. And suddenly, there, sitting at the back table of the Excalbur Poker room sat none other than Teddy KGB.
I couldn’t have been more pleased.
I think it was around the time the room erupted in slot hoki another monkey-cheer that I remembered the remaining lyrics to the Albania song:
Albania, Albania, you border on the Adriatic. Your land is mostly mountainous and your chief export is chrome
Actually, at the time, I accidentally replaced the word “land” with “hills,” to which G-Rob (who had finally arrived at 6am after a 12-hour nap) said, “Your hills are mostly mountainous? What the hell does that mean?”
Eventually, Albania refused to do his Teddy KGB impression anymore and got more and more cranky as the morning wore on.
I thought I might cheer him up by asking if he knew what Albania’s chief export was, but it didn’t seem to help.
On Roofies and Iggy’s Greatest Tell
Before long, the table was starting to look like a Party Poker blogger table. G-Rob, Dr. Jeff, Marty, Iggy, and I were hamming it up with Albania and the others. Joey Two-Hands had already left to catch his 6am flight back to Denver, but the rest of us were going strong as the sun again started to rise on Las Vegas.
My plan to go to bed by 5am had again been thwarted and already I was facing the possibility of going into another day on no sleep. Still, I was feeling okay and having the time of my life.
When Iggy sat dow in the four-seat, I couldn’t help but revel in his love of the game and his fellow bloggers. Here’s a guy who just quit a fairly lucrative job to go out on his own and play poker. He doesn’t write a great deal about his play (which, frankly, I wish he would do more), but one can assume he doesn’t build his bankroll playing $1-$3 spread at six in the …


You carefully skin care to remove acne

Acne, led to the problems, skin problems has always been one of the most distressing things that they want to have to beauty skin, it is necessary to understand the real cause of the problem, the right to maintenance, so your skin can be more better.

To determine their own skin, often in their own care as part of the base, but basically we are all mixed skin, just so that the people of sebum secretion, he preferred to see oil or dry. In order to have healthy, beautiful skin, and then check their own skin, the skin to find out where the problem lies.


It is easy to face a part of the oil, the coarse pores, the accumulation of sebum easy, and the formation of acne, the only way to do a good job washing your face with skin care, make-up convergence with tap water in the face, could face capillary For the time being to narrow hole.


It is easy to the forehead of the oil T site of the word, if there is hair before forehead, then appears to be more airtight, which is a breeding ground for the formation of acne.


The dry part of difficult grow acne, a special supplement here for oil, but the president of the Doudou. To moisture, please choose oil-free products.

Winter also need to maintain the skin not have melasma

Cold and dry winter season, easily the human body is weak, cold, of course, the biggest headache, dry skin. Now, as long as a little conditioning, you can have a dream of the smooth skin. You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here

In general, the need for some type of skin whitening is divided into four, you can find your skin problems, and then selected for their whitening products and the continued patience will be able to see the use of more than quarter results.

The first: melasma skin

The site of melasma melanoma cells more horny process is not complete, easy to accumulation of melanin, the skin …