Hasil HK Hari Ini resorted to setting rules for myself…

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i realized i’d been taking it on the chin in multis simply because i wasn’t willing to suck it up and details my flaws in an orderly fashion, so i set about to doing that.
now, in fairness, i’m still playing pretty far above even in multis since i began this little experiment, but there is NO doubt that multis are slaughtering my hourly. the upside is that when i play multis, i tend to play a ton of SNGs as well, and my skill in those is leaps and bounds above MTTs. moneying in about 40% of those is a helpful band-aid over the gaping wound that is my MTT results. i’ve started annotating the more interesting SNG and will be making the result available in PDF or ebook form once i get around to figuring out which would be better / lighter on our bandwidth.
…the rules. i’ve tried a variety of mistake logs before, where i’d copy the HH and then annotate exactly what i did wrong, but they always kind of fizzled out, maybe because of ego, maybe because they were inefficient, who knows. i’ve had complex personal systems that were designed to stop me from going on tilt, also now gone by the wayside [i find i don’t actually tilt so much anymore, so that, like most things, just took time], i’ve had notes pasted all over my computer, etc … anyhow, this time i went with something a bit simpler – i just looked over a bunch of HH’s, thought about my play the last few weeks, and just made a list of fifteen or so common mistakes i make, 10 major and 5 minor, saved the file to my desktop, and solemnly swore to keep it open when playing multis and to just keep a quick note of violations.
will it work? probably not, but my hard drive can manage another 10k, so no reason i can see, really, to not do it. anything that makes me stop and think is a good thing, as you’ll see when you read the first draft of my affectionately titled “hey jackass” list.
here’s the list of what i do wrong in multis, sloppy and short but still accurate
multi rules Hasil HK Hari Ini
1. don’t make a steal too big when it doesn’t need to be, especially when you’ve just gotten off of a short stack. be conscious of when you’re legitimately in all in mode and when you don’t need to be.
2. don’t blow off chips by calling weak hands like middle pair when you flop a piece out of the BB to, say, a raise from the CO. either play them strong or don’t play them at all.
3. don’t make awkward raises preflop with marginal hands like 22. if the blinds are 150-300, 700 will do the job and is easier to get away from.
4. go to the time bank before calling an allin if there is any doubt in your mind about the call. think about it, honestly.
5. honestly asses the relative value of calling on a draw, considering the bet size, your stack and the opponent’s stack. is there a better opportunity later?
6. lock in your mind what kind of flop you’d like to continue with a hand before you call, and don’t let yourself talk you out of it once a marginal flop hits.
7. don’t cross-tilt. after you get knocked out or take a beat on one tournament, go to the time bank before any critical call in your other tournaments.
8. don’t bleed off a midsized stack needlessly. having chips doesn’t make your cards better. PROTECT
9. don’t give up just because you’re short. remember, you won your WSOP seat after coming back from 180 chips.
a. cut out the limping early with marginal drawing hands, especially Axs. suited connx are ok in first blind stage, maybe second, but you have to lay off after that. wait for later position.
b. don’t go overboard limping with big pairs. honestly assess the chance that you’ll get a raise behind to repop.
c. calling those dink raises Hasil HK Hari Ini really does add up, especially if you’re already low. this is not ring, you can’t rebuy, you have to check your natural tendency to call
d. stop the late limping with marginal aces and small cards that can get you in trouble if you pair. remember, what works for you in ring is kinda killing you in multi
!!!one violation as i was typing this – #4, but it worked out. still, as we all know, a play working out doesn’t make it a good play, necessarily.


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