Sweet Sabyl and Some Semi-Live Updates Sihoki Slot

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*Note: all of this information can also be found in my earlier post Ladies Update: Day 5. I bumped it up so our readers can more easily find the updated information without scrolling all the way to the bottom of the front page**
9:28 PM – Sabyl Cohen just ended a brilliant run in the 2006 Sihoki Slot Main Event, busting in 56th place. When I came back into the tournament room after dinner break, I didn’t see her and I feared for the worst, but she had just been moved to the TV featured table. Never losing her cool, Sabyl was the shortest stack in the tournament when she got moved, and ended up pushing in with the Kd-8s. Eric Frieberg called her with the Jd-Th. The board came As-Th-Qh-4d-8c, sending her home with $123,699.
Sabyl was both gracious and dignified in defeat, shaking hands with the entire table and embracing her boyfriend, who had been sweating her from the stands.
“I got in with the best of it. But it was the hand with the tens that really killed me” she said, as she was escorted to the payout line to receive her winnings.
The last woman standing in the WSOP, Sabyl outlasted 8718 players, or 99.4% of the field. Though I’m sure she’s disappointed right now, she has a helluva lot to be proud of.
8:52 PM – Only 15 minutes after returning from dinner break, Sabyl saw her stack cut in half on a killer of a hand. On a 9s-6s-4c flop, Sabyl’s opponent Raphael Doromal bet 300,000 and she reraised all-in, having him covered. Doromal called and showed the 4s-5s to Cohen’s Ts-Td. Sabyl was slightly ahead on this flop– about 53% to win. The 5c on the turn gave Doromal the lead and the 7h was of no help to Cohen. She’s got about 500K left.
With 62 players remaining, we’re into six figure payouts.
6:52 PM – We’re now on dinner break with 65 players remaining in the field. 11 more and we all go home for the night. Sabyl is still going strong with 1,020,000 in chips.
6:05 PM – With the elimination of our 73rd place finisher, the players just earned another money jump and all are guaranteed at least $90,713. The next money jump will be into a six figure payday of $123,699 once we hit 63 players.
This is unconfirmed, but the buzz on the floor is that play will go for five levels tonight or down to 54 players, whatever comes first.
5:57 PM – Sabyl has 1.3 million and has been quiet in the last half hour of action. I joined 2006 double-bracelet winner Bill Chen on the rail behind her table. Chen and Sabyl are both from the Bay Area and became friends through BARGE.
Chen was telling a spectator that the new black chips with yellow flecks that have been added to players’ stacks are worth 10,000. He paused and remarked with a laugh, “Each one of those black chips represents one person’s whole buyin and now they’re throwing them around the table!”
“One donkey for each black chip, right?” I remarked.
“Exactly!!” he replied, chucking. “I bet three donkeys. Well I raise you six!”


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