Studio Again / One Night Only / Thanks

We’re hitting the studio again this week with johnny at LIttle giant studio to demo some new songs. at the minute it looks like we’ll be recording tracks titled ‘talk to my friends’ ‘dancing with girls’ and ‘we are the foolish’. they’ll make it on to the space soon. This Wednesday (5th March) we’ll be playing with ‘One Night Only’ in the speakeasy at queens university Belfast. It’s a 14+ show and there are still a few tickets left. 9pound. Other upcoming gigs include Saturday 22nd March- INF .Warren Point with the ‘black alley screens’ Thursday 27th March- Spirit Store. Dundalk with ‘driving by night’ Wednesday 23rd April- Auntie Annies. Belfast with tbc. Thursday 24th April- Bellinis. Newry with ‘A PLASTIC ROSE’ Also we’d like to thank everyone who has been commenting, listening and promoting us in general. we’ve been averaging over 300 plays a day on myspace these past few weeks so cheers. GF x…


Oh Yeah CD/ Auntie Annies

The Oh yeah Cd is now out and can be purchased at Hmv and some great Independent record stores. It features 10 great tracks by local bands/artists and is a steal at 7 pound. check out a few tracks at Rigsy from the bbc had this to say about the launch night and us… “7. General Fiasco are on the CD, but don’t play this show as they’re headlining their own across town. ATL rushes over to Auntie Annies, but doesn’t make it in time. We’re gutted – the show was rammed and apparently it kicked off a bit. The crowd, pouring out onto the Dublin road, look exhausted, but happy. Armed with arguably the most enthusiastic fan base in the country, they’ve almost everything in place.” Check out for the full review. Big thanks to everyone who came down to the Auntie annies gig which was at capacity. We’ll also be featured in the next issue of Hot Press Magazine so keep an eye out for it. We played our first show in London on sunday in the brixton windmill. great night and weekend. We’re in the Start Together Studio at the minute with Rocky, Ben and Barrett recording a new track called ‘Tell Me All The Things’. More on that soon. Peace and Love Gf x…


NC House committee approves video poker regulation changes – Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang



“We could lose a lot of money and we could lose our business,” said Julie Loflin of Denton, who runs Southern Amusements Inc. with her husband.


Committee leaders turned away an Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang amendment by Rep. Sam Ellis, R-Wake, that would have banned the machines. It was identical to a bill that the Senate approved last year.


The author of the Senate measure said he didn’t expect Culpepper’s bill to get far if it passes the full House. The Senate has approved outright bans three times since 2000.


“I’d be mighty surprised that we’d go along with that,” said Sen. Charlie Albertson, D-Duplin. The House measure effectively pays ALE agents to regulate the industry, he said, “which puts them in a bad position.”


A campaign reform group this week asked formally the state Board of Elections to investigate the video poker industry for potential illegal campaign donations to legislators, especially those to Black.


The complaint doesn’t accuse Black of Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang wrongdoing. The North Carolina Amusement Machine Association, the industry trade group, “has no knowledge of and would not condone any illegal activity,” said Mark Poovey, an attorney and one of seven outside lobbyists hired by the association.


Though Black did not attend the committee meeting, his presence was felt.


At least two “floaters” – House members picked by Black and allowed to vote on any committee – attended the hearing and backed the measure.


In addition, Black appointed Reps. Nelson Cole, D-Rockingham, and Jim Harrell, D-Surry, to the committee late Tuesday – apparently to ensure additional backing for the measure.


“I think that will be about it for me,” Harrell Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang said as he walked out of the committee after voting in favor of passage.


This is the type of ruling that any floorperson hates to make. No one wants to see a player knocked out of a tournament because of a situation such as this. The bottom line is that each player is responsible for making sure that his …


Computer Poker Playing with Rubah4d

Poker Academy takes advantage of the fact that most of us learn best by doing with Rubah4d. With sophisticated computer opponents, you will be able to play thousands of hands to improve your Texas Hold’em skills.

There are other places you can play poker, but Poker Academy is your best choice for learning. Sitting down at a real money poker table, be it at a casino, card room, or online, provides a good learning experience but can be very costly. And for beginners just starting out, other players may not be forthcoming with advice that will help you beat them in the long run.

When you play online against other people on a play money site you often find that your opponents are not playing their best game. They realize it is not actual money and do not worry about losing virtual dollars. They very rarely fold, instead gambling on hitting their long shot draws. Playing against these types of opponents can actually hurt your poker game when you decide to make the switch to real money — beating someone who doesn’t care about losing is much different than players trying their hardest to win.

Poker Academy of Rubah4ddoesn’t share these shortcomings. You don’t have to perfect your game while risking money at a casino. And the computer opponents are sophisticated sparring partners. They are not going to take it easy on you because it is not real money. What’s more they will let you look at their cards, change stakes, shuffle up the tables, play with a full table, short-handed, or heads up and are always at your beck and call on your home computer or laptop on the road. All without complaining or giving anything but their best. If you can get to the point where you can consistently beat the hardest opponents Poker Academy has to offer, you will be well prepared to take on the larger poker world.

Playing a large number of hands against serious opponents will improve your game. But you can improve faster by studying some of the hands to a …