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New Task For Delta Ligaz11 Force

Calabasas, CA based entertainment software developer and publisher NovaLogic, Inc. announces Delta Force: Task Force Dagger for the PC.


Entertainment software developer and publisher pinup online NovaLogic, Inc. today announced a co-development partnership with Zombie Studios on the next Delta Force release for the PC. Delta Force: Task Force mostbet casino Dagger is scheduled for a May 2002 launch and is the fourth game in the successful Delta Force franchise that has sold over 3 million units worldwide to date.


Utilizing NovaLogic’s updated Land Warrior engine, Task Force Dagger has been designed by Zombie as an entirely new game with new characters, weapons and single and multiplayer levels. One of the new features that has never previously been seen in a Delta Force game is the ability to play as one of 10 Special Operations forces; from Delta Force and Marines Force Recon to SEAL and British SAS.


“Zombie is designing and developing a Delta Force game based on actual targets and objectives real life operations would encounter, from raids mostbet on airfields to the battle for a major city,” explained Mark Long, Zombie CEO.


Commenting on the development partnership, NovaLogic President, Lee Milligan said, “We’re very pleased to be working with Zombie Studios on Delta Force: Task Force Dagger. They have the experience, knowledge and ability to work with us to do the Delta Force franchise justice and to deliver a combination of realism and originality that will delight and surprise the Delta Force community”.


More details on the game will be released shortly.


About NovaLogic

Founded in 1985, NovaLogic Inc. is a developer and global publisher of computer Ligaz11 games for the PC, PlayStation® and pin-up PlayStation® 2 game consoles, NINTENDO GAMECUBE and Xbox™ video game system. Based in Calabasas, California, the company’s European arm, NovaLogic Ltd., has its offices in London, UK. Key game franchises include Delta Force, Comanche and F-22 Lightning. For more information go to www.novalogic.com.


About Zombie

Zombie Studios is an independent development studio based in Seattle. Founded in 1994 by Joanna Alexander and Mark Long, formerly …


ligaz11 Poker in the U.K.

The Midland Masters at the Grosvenor Casino Walsall has been the big event since the last newsletter as it contained both the Quarter Million and the Grand Prix Final.

The Grand Prix Final kicked things off and with 27 nationwide heats being held already this generated a prize pool of £193,600.142 players contested the final and this proved to be a major success as it kept the numbers who contested the remaining tournaments at a high level for the week. Well done to Grosvenor for planning things this way.

Although there were no deals allowed at the final table the final 2 players Willie Tann and G. Davidson did make a deal away from the table taking home £39,000 each. G Davidson however went down as the official winner. His prize was further added to as the Casino gave him a holiday for 2 to Las Vegas with £1,000 spending money.

So the week started with a big event and also ended with one in the form of the £2,500 entry Quarter Million. This was not very well attended compared to last year as only 61 participated producing a prize pool of £152,500 which was roughly the same as first prize the year before. However the winner Iqbal Butt was not complaining as he took a first prize of £49,560 in a deal with Charalambos Xanthos who got the same for second.

Lucy Rokach

One player who always features in this newsletter is Lucy Rokach and she won another £20,800 by taking the £500 No Limit Hold’em. Lucy was a former school teacher and it would be great if she would give some lessons in Pokerschool Online. Her results this year have been truly amazing.

The £250 Pot Limit Hold’em went to Oz Mustanoglu £13,620, the £200 Pot Limit Omaha was won by M. Naserisfahny £15,610 and finally the £100 Pot Limit Holdem was won by Man Ip £11,140.

The final events of 2002 include the Christmas Cracker Festival at Brighton, the Poker Festival at Napoleons Sheffield and the Christmas Cracker at the Grosvenor Casino Luton and you can keep …