Ante Slot Online Up for Africa tournament winners give winnings to Darfur

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The slot online prize money won by collectively mounted to an estimate of $500,000 and will go towards helping the people of the Darfur region of Western Sudan in Africa. The humanitarian crisis situation there is very dire and more than 2 million people have been driven from their homes and are suffering extreme difficulties.


The whole program, Ante Up for Africa” began as collaboration between Don Cheadle, an Oscar nominated actor and poker professional Annie Duke. This project was greatly encouraged by Jeffrey Pollack,, the Commissioner for the World Series of Poker and the special tournament was set to be presented by Milwaukee’s Best Light. Tournament participants gave $5,000 each to play in the event.


All the Bandarq money went into the Poker pool as the goal of the organizers, Don Cheadle and Annie Duke was to raise a strong public awareness that included charitable donations for the many people suffering in the Darfur region.


In addition to the poke professionals, a large number of celebrities from Hollywood and the sports scenarios did their part to up the ante for Africa by joining the No-Limit Hold Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were among the many that participated and flew to Las Vegas for the tournament after a Fathers Day vacation in Hawaii.


Everyone who participated in the Bandarq Tournament paying the $5000 entrance fee, the two generous winners Dan Shak and Brandon Moran, and most importantly Don Cheadle, Annie Duke and Jeffrey Pollack who made the Ante Up for Africa a reality deserve our highest commendations.



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