Credit Card Ban Hinders Legitimate Charity from Helping QQ Online Players

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There is an unwritten rule in lesser developed nations that expects successful businesses to promote the general well being of its host country. But for one firm, an American ban on credit card transactions is putting a damper on what could be significant funding in poorer regions of the world including Africa and Asia.


The company, WildlifeWins ( was set up to help Wildlife around the world through an online charity offering online donations, scratch card, lottery and bingo games with proceeds going towards the animals. Like many animal charities it relies on proceeds from these ticket sales to fund its activities. What sets this company apart is that sells its tickets exclusively online.


“It’s a shame that credit card firms are not utilizing the foresight in their gaming ban to separate legitimate online businesses that fund good causes from the sham operations that they are looking to stop” says co-founder, Carl Pretorius. “If you take a look at our business you will see that we are online to help the animals. This year alone we have raised over $20,000 towards our goal of $945,000 to help save four species of animals including Mountain Gorillas and rare Sumatran Tigers. Unfortunately, through the credit card ban, Americans are increasingly less able to make a contribution.”


When you visit you have two options, you can either buy a bingo, scratch card or lottery ticket that gives you the chance to win up to $20 million, or you can make a donation directly to the aid of the animals you wish to preserve. However, with online credit card transactions related to gaming being negatively coded by major US credit card issuers, even cards registering to make direct donations are being rejected.


There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Pretorius tells us “Despite the rejection rates for legitimate transactions increasing, was able to raise enough QQ Online money this year to help four endangered species. We are one of the only companies in the world using internet gaming to fund important conservation causes, and we invite discussion with credit card issuing banks to ensure that every nature lover will get the chance to help an animal while they go for the jackpot.”


Betting Exchanges: Disruptive Elements At Work


The betting exchanges threaten to disrupt the dominant market position of the Ladbrokes and William Hills of this world. Their competitive advantage is that they offer the punter value alongside a new product architecture which is more easily accesible, transparent and versatile than anything that has gone before. But with regulation they may become the victims of their own success.


The betting exchanges are a disruptive technology. They have shaken up the structure of the UK’s betting industry through giving rise to a new industry segment known as person to person betting.


The traditional bookmakers claim that they are illegal but the UK Government has made it clear that it will not close down the betting exchnages



In a post-regulation environment, however, the leading betting exchange companies such as Betfair may quickly lose their first mover advantage. Indeed, their best hope of survival may lie with them been taken over. A clear case of the biter bitten.




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