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their portfolio

Designate is a specialist marketing and communications agency, ranked in the top 300 UK agencies by the IPA, working in the field of travel, tourism, and leisure.

the project brief

We were approached by Designate to translate and copywrite advertising slogans for a well known passenger ferry chain.

the challenge

We were given a creative brief and Bubble Translationsed to supply a selection of copy written translations for each slogan, giving their client the option to choose which best fitted the mood of the campaign.

We provided back-translations of the slogans to assist the client in selecting those which best conveyed the humour and tone of the original English versions.

Formatting issues were clarified so that translations could be dropped into designs for a presentation Designate were giving to their client.

We offered a subsequent “revision” service whereby our translators would rework their translated slogans should the client require this.

the results

The Bubbles Translation Group was able to meet the client’s needs through careful selection of translators with copy-writing skills in order to ensure that the message and tone of the slogans was carried through in the translated versions. This involved ensuring that matters such as word play and humour were retained in the translations or adapted where necessary, to fit in with the culture of the target country.

A project manager liased with the client throughout the course of the project, in order to keep them up to date with progress, and to help with any developments that arose.

Bruizer Productions

their portfolio

Bruizer Productions specialise in filming, editing, and DVD authoring. Providing high-quality solutions in these fields from concept through to final product.

the project brief

To translate the script of a “No Limits” DVD into Portuguese, Bangladeshi, and Chinese.

To supply the translations back in bilingual format to facilitate burning subtitles onto the DVD.

To supply a British Sign Language interpreter to be filmed signing for the DVD.

The DVD was commissioned by Social Care Services to help disabled children make the transition into adulthood.

the challenge

This multifaceted project was completed through detailed preparation, with an understanding of the client’s needs in terms of the media being used and the required end result.

To fulfil the client’s requirements we provided translators and an interpreter, all of who were chosen according to their experience in translating scripts and subtitles in this subject manner.

It was established that the translations would have to be kept brief, enabling them to fit on screen. Having supplied professionals experienced in dealing with copywriting they were able to do this.

To provide a British Sign Language interpreter to go on-site to their studios who was filmed signing for deaf users.

the results

Translation Company UK

Our project manager liased with the client throughout and after completion of the project, to promote it’s smooth running from start to finish.

We provided accurate bilingual translations that were successfully put on the DVDs, along with film of our British Sign Language interpreter.





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