December 10, 2023

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 01: Photo of Bruce SPRINGSTEEN; performing live onstage on Born In The USA tour, c.1984/1985, wearing bandana (Photo by Ebet Roberts/Redferns)

firstly the enemy gig on tuesday rocked socks, thanks 2 everyone and pasted on kind words about it. here is a review by atl’s william johnston Our second support act are the similarly promising General Fiasco, who seem like an inspired bit of booking. They’re a poppier Supergrass, young and precocious with music to match. It’s good-time fun music, built for dancing and disposing – the sign of great pop. Their youth is apparent as they break out new songs with enthusiasm – no cynical jaded world-weariness here.

‘Tell Me All The Things’ is the sort of song that could be a great soundtrack to a summer – bouncy, rocky, with a vibe and feeling of youth and optimism – while the same compliment could be paid to closing track ‘Rebel Get By.’ If you’re young, carefree, and wanting some fun – slap these guys on your playlist. You won’t regret it. we have got back the oh yeah compilation cd and it sounds class, lots of great tracks by great bands, unfortunately the launch night of the cd lands on the same date a our aunti annies gig so we wont be fit to attend. we will have a limited amount to sell at our gig on wednesday but you gotta be quick to get one. team fresh and the good fight to support, check them out, should be a class night. hopefully see loads of you’ns there. lots of love general fiasco xo