NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Bomb Away?

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Let’s be honest: There was never any real fear that Sam and Callen would die on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 1. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

But there was a submarine that was turned into a bomb by terrorists, which placed our heroes in at least a unique life-threatening situation.

The premiere also excelled in having Sam and Callen react to their circumstance with the appropriate dread, sure. But also with a few doses of humor. It’s almost as if the writers were saying:

We all know these two are coming out alive. But allow us to entertain you with how that actually happens!

And entertain us the episode did.

Sam and Callen’s training/experience enabled them to recognize the extent of danger they were in, while still remaining calm. The terrorists were on a suicide mission to explode an aircraft carrier in San Diego… so, in response, Sam and Callen (Sallen?) announced their own suicide mission to prevent the attack.

The question therefore arose: Who’s will would win out in the end?

Both sides stood strong, but Sallen (we’re going with it!) outplayed their opponents.

Despite their plummeting oxygen levels, these two started a fire on their side of the submarine. It permitted them to break through the hull and, although, the terrorists didn’t immediately open the door, it was the only way to save their suicide plan in the end.

But, hey, Sallen sort of helped the terrorist succeed in their mission to die, seeing as they killed them. But the NCIS agents stopped the actual attack cold.

In the command center, however, Hetty, Granger, Nell and Eric thought Sam and Callen were killed when the Navy bomb hit the submarine; while, on the helicopter, Deeks and Kensi believed the same.

The drama thereby did an admirable job in invoking some real emotion on the premiere, with sadness turning to elation once their colleagues learned Sallen was alive, well and cracking jokes.

What did everyone else think of this Season 6 opener? Did you ever fear for Sam and Callen’s life? If not, did that take away from your enjoyments?

You can watch NCIS Los Angeles online via TV Fanatic if you need a refresher and you can discuss the premiere in the Comments section below… now!

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