Winner And Still Cham-peen – Cbetcasino Texas Dolly Doyle

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Towards the end of the WPT Legends of Poker Tournament at the Bicycle Casino, Doyle Brunson was about to be heads-up against Lee Watkinson for the title. All of sudden, two guys in tuxedos riding unicycles appear, carrying platters of prize money. Suitable, considering it’s the Bicycle Casino. They stop, start to juggle a few bricks of cash, then unload their platters on the table while a couple of pretty showgirls appear to perform the obligatory flourishes of their hands for no reason at all.


Someone must have read Keely Brown’s article about how poker on TV is so boring, or read my mention of her article. To remind you, she thinks watching poker on TV is as interesting as watching someone unclog the men’s room toilet in a subway. (I’m not picking on her. Really. Some poker on TV truly is boring.)


Well, whether the organizers of the Legends of Poker Tournament read her article or not, they added in a little bit of entertainment. But I half-expected to see a Celine Dion clone come out and sing annoying songs. (She’s one Canadian I was happy to see go to the U.S.)


Fortunately, Celine did not come out. Although I wouldn’t say no to some weird combination of Cirque de Soleil and poker. On the other hand, Watkinson used to be an Olympic-style wrestler. So maybe for a little excitement, they could have a little Texas (Hold’em) Death Cage match for the title. Stoney-faced, emotionless Doyle against Lee, who looks like a bookie.


Egads, I think I’m losing it. And the Cbetcasino TV censors would love that hybrid show, wouldn’t they? But the living legend himself, Doyle Brunson, still has a lot of hands left to play in his career. And his tight, poker-faced playing has obviously stood him in good stead for over 25 years. T3xas Dolly beat Laughing Lee to take the title. Young Lee didn’t stand a chance.



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