December 10, 2023

Acne, led to the problems, skin problems has always been one of the most distressing things that they want to have to beauty skin, it is necessary to understand the real cause of the problem, the right to maintenance, so your skin can be more better.

To determine their own skin, often in their own care as part of the base, but basically we are all mixed skin, just so that the people of sebum secretion, he preferred to see oil or dry. In order to have healthy, beautiful skin, and then check their own skin, the skin to find out where the problem lies.


It is easy to face a part of the oil, the coarse pores, the accumulation of sebum easy, and the formation of acne, the only way to do a good job washing your face with skin care, make-up convergence with tap water in the face, could face capillary For the time being to narrow hole.


It is easy to the forehead of the oil T site of the word, if there is hair before forehead, then appears to be more airtight, which is a breeding ground for the formation of acne.


The dry part of difficult grow acne, a special supplement here for oil, but the president of the Doudou. To moisture, please choose oil-free products.

Winter also need to maintain the skin not have melasma

Cold and dry winter season, easily the human body is weak, cold, of course, the biggest headache, dry skin. Now, as long as a little conditioning, you can have a dream of the smooth skin. You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here

In general, the need for some type of skin whitening is divided into four, you can find your skin problems, and then selected for their whitening products and the continued patience will be able to see the use of more than quarter results.

The first: melasma skin

The site of melasma melanoma cells more horny process is not complete, easy to accumulation of melanin, the skin in need of special use of local products. In addition, because the winter it easier for the ultra-violet spots, so sun protection is also very important.

The second: dull skin

Hypertrophy of the horny dull skin, the melanin containing recommendations to help choose the old horny waste stripping elements, such as: salicylic acid, acid, phytic acid or enzymes, and so on, usually have to pay attention to deep clean and scrub.

The third: mature skin

Age muscle cooked up a lot of problems, it is best to choose both the anti-oxidation, anti-aging, high-moisture of whitening products, in addition to the prevention of the formation of melanin, melanoma can use to help the metabolism and salicylic acid, or both antioxidant Whitening and vitamin C is not bad. To the antioxidant protection of sunscreen would be sufficient. In addition to the fight against ultraviolet rays, but also to fight against environmental damage and avoid free radicals, and accelerated aging.

The fourth: easy black skin

Since it is vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet light color, do not let color black than white light shining also important to have sun all year round, enough to wipe the volume, 2 to 3 hours cleaning up once to eat celery, Chinese chives, parsley, basil, and other photosensitive food. To enter the skin at night is the best time to nutrition, at this time should be rich selection of hyaluronic acid, amino acid compound, molecular nails, hydrolyzed silk protein, awkeotsang extract natural moisturizing factors, such as the mask, so that the skin at night also continued uninterrupted Drawing upon the full.